Are you eager for adventure? Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and FB, insanely jealous of the gorgeous travel pics and wishing it was you? Are you dying to travel but don’t have anyone to travel with?

 Girl, I get you! I’ve been there. I’ve been the girl longing for adventure, yearning to experience other cultures and not having a significant other or a group of friends who could go with me. 

 In 2017 I took a chance. I bought a ticket to Spain, flew by myself to Madrid and visited Seville & Granada. On that trip I realized how important it is for my soul that I have experiences, do the things and eat the food. 

 Now it is my dream to take groups of women on adventures all over the world. I thrive on choosing a location, planning an itinerary, booking places to stay, finding delectable eateries and all that goes into perfectly curating a trip for a small group of fabulous ladies that are craving adventure with other like-minded women. When you choose to travel with me, you not only come home with epic pictures and memories that will last a lifetime, you come home with friendships rooted in experiences and adventure.

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